BOFIT Policy Brief: Overview of Russia’s oil and gas sector

Title: Overview of Russia’s oil and gas sector
Authors: Simola, Heli; Solanko, Laura

This overview is a compilation of ten concise articles that give a general picture of the current situation and prospects of Russia’s oil and gas sector. The articles are independent and together they give a rich overview of the development of the oil and gas sector and the significance of the sector in the Russian economy. The oil sector generates more export and tax revenue for Russia, but the gas sector plays a key role, particularly from a domestic market perspective. In the next few years, Russia’s oil production and exports are expected to grow slowly at best, because a stronger increase in production would require more investment. In oil production and particularly in exports, the focus of growth has shifted eastwards, and China has become one of Russia’s most important export markets. Growth of natural gas production, on the other hand, is limited more by demand than supply factors and gas production will remain focused in the future on its present locations in Russia’s Arctic regions. Despite plans, the export market for natural gas will still be mainly in the West, due to limited transport infrastructure. Examination of both the Russian and the international oil and gas sector is complicated by statistical peculiarities.


Tagit: Arktiset alueet, Kaasu, LNG, Öljy

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