VTT: Scientific and Technological Development of the Russian Federation: Review of Current Status

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland (VTT Policy Brief; No. 2021)

Arho Suominen, Santtu Lehtinen: Scientific and Technological Development of the Russian Federation: Review of Current Status
The scientific and technological (S&T) development of the Russian federation faces many challenges related to the isolation of science as a sector of the economy such as the lack of entrepreneurial culture, market competition and private R&D investments. In terms of our analysis, which is based on comparative publication and pa-tenting data, a particularly striking feature emerging from the material is China’s rise to overtake and surpass the Russian S&T trajectory by a number of key variables in various fields, both in terms of innovation system inputs and outputs. Despite these problems, Russia has a long history of scientific and technological excellence that continues to this day. Moreover, during the last decades Russia has reformed its S&T system by improving the quality of its scientific enterprises and higher education, by developing its legislation and technology commercialization abilities, and by focusing top-down initiatives such as science-parks and other technology platforms. Indeed, there has been no lack of policy intervention in the field of Russian STI and R&D.
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