Cooperative strategy in emerging markets - analysis of interfirm r&d cooperation and performance in Russian manufacturing companies (Juha Hinkkanen)

Juha Hinkkanen
Lappeenrannan teknillinen yliopisto, 2014
Tuotantotalouden tiedekunta, Tuotantotalous



This thesis combines the extant literature on competitive and cooperative strategy, dynamic
capabilities, and R&D cooperation while studying interfirm R&D relationships in and
between Russian manufacturing companies. Employing primary survey data, the thesis
presents numerous novel findings regarding the effect of R&D cooperation and different
types of R&D partner on firms’ exploration and exploitation performance. Utilizing a
competitive strategy framework enables these effects to be explained in more detail, and
especially why interfirm cooperation, regardless of its potential, has had a modest effect on
the general competitiveness of emerging market firms. This thesis contributes especially to
the strategic management literature and presents a more holistic perspective on the usefulness
of cooperative strategy in emerging markets. It provides a framework through which it is
possible to assess the potential impacts of different R&D cooperation partners and to clarify
the causal relationships between cooperation, performance, and long term competitiveness.

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Tagit: Yritysyhteistyö, Innovaatiot

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