Peace and quiet beyond the border : the trans-border mobility of Russian second home owners in Finland (Olga Hannonen)

Hannonen, Olga
Itä-Suomen yliopisto, 2016
Yhteiskuntatieteiden ja kauppatieteiden tiedekunta / Historia- ja maantieteiden laitos

Russian second home purchases in Finland have grown rapidly since 2000, and have been the source of a contested social debate. This study represents the first investigation of Russian second home ownership in Finland. The aim is to investigate how such trans-border second home mobility is produced (its elements and trajectories), challenged, and what are its socio-economic and spatial outcomes at the local and regional levels. The phenomenon is approached theoretically applying the concepts of constellations of mobility and mobility regime. While these theoretical approaches have been used to address leisure mobilities that originate in the West, Russian second home ownership in Finland represents a different mobility pattern, from East to West. The findings emphasise the increasing role of the border in the production and practice, as well as in the outcomes of such mobility. This study shows that the perceived outcome of Russian ownership presented through the social debate has been detached from the actual phenomenon. The empirical part of the dissertation – four research papers – uncovers the driving factors in Russian second home mobility, its challenges, and its socio-economic and spatial outcome, which collectively help address the social debate and inform policy makers. Simultaneously, the empirical study re-interprets Western mobility approaches in relation to Russian trans-border mobility and reveals peculiarities of the East-to-West mobility trajectory.

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