How to Tackle Compliance Challenges in Russian company?

Aika: 17.11.2017 klo 10.00-12.00
Paikka:  SVKK Helsinki (Eteläranta 10)

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The aim of this event is to give participants a compact information package on current and important compliance matters and share experience from different inspections and audits. Speakers are law firm Castren & Snellman’s senior associates from Moscow and St. Petersburg

The event is in English.


1. Data Privacy Inspection in Russia: Practical Experience

  • Who may be inspected by the Data Protection Authority in Russia and why?
  • How to comply with the Personal Data Law and pass a data privacy inspection successfully.
  • What are the new data breach rules and how to defend against the increased fines?

2. Labour Law News: ‘Risk-Based’ State Inspections and Compliance Matters

  • Beginning from 2018, Russia will apply a new ‘risk-based’ approach for inspecting companies’ compliance with the labour law. How can you keep out of the authorities’ sight?
  • What an HR manager should be aware of: red flags and common violations.
  • New fines for labour law breaches and how to avoid them.

3. Business with Clean Hands. How to Prevent Corruption in International Companies

  • Corruption in Russia and Russian anti-corruption legislation in action: is regulation effective?
  • Hidden corruption as a threat to effective business. How to recognize an offence?
  • Business against corruption: anti-corruption ethics and compliance policies.


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