Aleksanteri-instituutin vierailevien tutkijoiden kevään 2018 seminaarisarjassa seuraavaksi Judith Pallot

Aleksanteri Institute Visiting Fellows Research Seminars

Programme Spring 2018

Time: Thursdays at 14:15 - 15:45
Venue: Aleksanteri Institute, Unioninkatu 33, Meeting room 2nd floor
Please note that there might be changes to the seminar programme.

Please register your participation before each seminar to Eeva Korteniemi (eeva.korteniemi(at)

You are warmly welcome to the Visiting Fellows research seminars!

1 March
Judith Pallot, Christ Church College and University of Oxford, UK
Squaring the Circle: the Impact of Soviet Legacies in the Russian Prison System Today
Chair: Dr Rustam Urinboyev

22 March
Marcello Musto, York University, Canada
The Late Marx and the Controversy on the Development of Capitalism in Russia
Chair: Professor Vesa Oittinen

5 April
Ben Noble, University College London, School of Slavonic and East European Studies, UK
Bulldogs in the Duma: Executive Factionalism and Lawmaking in Russia
Chair: Dr Anna-Liisa Heusala

26 April
Olga Gurova, Aalborg University, Denmark
Patriotism and Creative (Counter-)Conduct: a Case of Russian Fashion Designers

3 May
Ivan Tchalakov, University of Plovdiv and BAS Institute of Societies and Knowledge, Bulgaria and PAST-center, Tomsk State University, Tomsk,
Russia Neoliberal Economics and Socialist Planning 1984–2004: NASA, Russian Space Agency and New Space Entrepreneurship
Chair: Dr Jouko Nikula

31 May
Andrea Prontera, University of Macerata, Italy
Forms of State and the Politics of Consumer–Producer Cooperation: Italy, Russia and the Great Reconfiguration in East–West Energy Relations
Chair: Professor Veli-Pekka Tynkkynen

14 June
Vlad Strukov, University of Leeds, UK
From Telepresence to Surveillance: Russian media in the 21st century
Chair: Dr Mariëlle Wijermars


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