Aleksanteri Conference 2016: videos available at YouTube

The organising committee of the past Aleksanteri Conference “Life and Death in Russia” held in October 2016 is happy to announce that you can now access conference keynote presentations and the roundtable discussion at the Aleksanteri Institute YouTube channel:

Please feel free to distribute further, use in your research, studies or as a teaching material.

For your convenience below are the links to individual videos:

Opening Ceremony:

Esko Aho, East Office of Finnish Industries: Opening Ceremony


Plenary Session 1:

Göran Therborn (University of Cambridge, UK): Life, Death and Welfare. Russia in Context

Judith Pallot (University of Oxford, UK): The Role of the Russian Penal System in Reproducing Social and Geographical Marginalisation


Plenary Session 2:

Nataliya Zubarevich (Moscow State University, Russia): Regional and Social Aspects of the Russia's Crisis

Thomas Remington (Emory University, USA): Russian Economic Inequality in Comparative Perspective


Plenary Session 3:

Linda J. Cook (Brown University, USA): Labour Migrants’ Access to Social Services in Russia

Svetlana Stephenson (London Metropolitan University, UK): Joining the Old Guard: Young People and Patrimonial Networks in Russia



Kari Tapiola (ILO): No Labour Market without Migration

Eve Kyntäjä (SAK, Finland): Labour Migration in the European Union - Challenges and Opportunities

Elli Heikkilä (Migration Institute of Finland): Integration of Immigrants in the Finnish Labour Market - Still Efforts to be Done

Anna-Liisa Heusala (Aleksanteri Institute, University of Helsinki, Finland): Migrant Workers in the Shadow Economy – the Russian Experience

Charlie Walker (University of Southampton, UK): Paying for Putinism: Workers’ Precarity in the Current Crisis

Acoustic concert at the Aleksanteri Conference "In Musical Dialogue with War, Embodiment and Chechnya":Susanna Hast & Cast


Closing Ceremony:

Pekka Puska, National Institute for Health and Welfare, Finland: Closing Ceremony


Sincerely yours,

16th Annual Aleksanteri Conference Committee Aleksanteri Institute, University of Helsinki

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